Our Services


Our mission is to offer to aquacultures a set of modular services and tools adapted for their needs that can intervein starting from the larval stage up to the selling point of the fish.

What we Do

We develop courting solutions that are based on artificial intelligence helping fisheries count the number of larva or fish in their basins as well as data extraction tools based on IoT for a better control of the raising process.


We provide hatcheries and aquacultures with a range of products that intervein at all steps of the raising process allowing fisheries to grasp a better control around their yields which leads to healthier fish and a more efficient management of costs and inventory control.

Fish Counter

We offer a subscription based counting tool that allows our clients to monitor their larval population of sea bass & sea bream. We offer a fish counter at the larvae stage as well as a fully industrial juvenile fish counter.

Data Analysis

Alongside our counters, we assist our clients by offering predictive outcome system based on Artificial Intelligence (AI).

MES (Manu Exec Sys)

Our Manufacturing Execution System is an IoT based solution where we install a set of embedded systems in the aquaculture to gather data centralized in our dashboard that is used as a main hub , which allows our clients to have one unique custom space (synoptics) for decision making.

Mortality Mobile APP

An Artificial Intelligence (AI) based mobile application that is used to facilitate the daily task of fisheries employees of having to count mortality rate. Based on AI, our tool automates the daily counting process of fish to be disposed.

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